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Jupiter as an Owl at the Feet of Juno on Mount Thornax

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Jupiter as an Owl at the Feet of Juno on Mount Thornax number 17 is offered from the Mon Coeur collection which consists of several hundred late 18th to early 19th Centuries engraved intaglio gem proof impressions.

They are being offered individually.    The Poniatowski Collection of gems is actively being illustrated and cataloged by The Classical Art Research Centre in The Beazley Archive at The University of Oxford. You may go online and research for yourself at

The Mon Coeur collection consists only of the PROOF IMPRESSIONS OF THE GEMS. They are made of a proprietary recipe, and I do not know exactly what the material is. I believe it is a plaster of paris recipe that has a matte-polished finish on the top and sides of each piece. On the bottom of each, there is an inscribed number and on the top portion is the same number written very small in pencil. One of the previous owners of this collection was General Sir Alexander Walker (1794-1831) and/or his son William Stuart Walker (1831-1896) at Bowland House, Whitehall, near Stow, Midlothian, Scotland. He or his son could have written on these impressions.

The original and incredible wood cabinet that the collection came in has the same pencil writing in each tray. To the best of my knowledge, I think that the proof impressions were created when the gems were. I do not know how many proof impressions exist, though I do know my collection includes four hundred of these little master pieces. THIS early 19th Century plaster-impression is NUMBER 17 Jupiter in the form of an Owl at the feet of Juno on Mount Thornax in the Storm. Reference Number: T17, Signature: Gnaios, Material: Cornelian, and Literary Source: Pausanias

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