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Bronze Cybele Pendant Necklace with Rose Cut Citrine, Sterling Silver Cocoa Gold Plated Chain, 16" Long


The Cybele necklace features a first generation casting from Mon Coeur’s rare collection of intaglio impressions.   The plaster of Paris impressions were made from the first 400 pieces from, the avid art collector, Polish Prince Stanislaus Poniatowski 2,500 commissioned gem intaglios.     He lived in Rome between 1754 and 1833.   These miniature masterpieces are original art inspired by literature of Greek mythology of god, goddess, heroes, and heroines.

This impression collection was previous owned by UK General Sir Alexander Walker (1764-1831) and his son William Stuart Walker (1817-1896).    The collection was held in a small wooden curio case being admired by a select few.    

This bronze pendant of Cybele driving a chariot pulled by a pair of lions is set in a bronze frame accented with two 4 millimeters rose-cut Citrines.  The necklace is 18 inches long,  The Rollo style chain and lobster clasp is sterling silver 925/1000th purity with 14K/20 Rose Gold plating.    The bronze pendant is 2 1/4 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide and 3.5 mm thick.  

This bronze pendant with Citrine and the sterling silver pendant with Garnets are available for immediate shipment.    Your custom choice will be created and will take up to 3 weeks before shipping.

Cybele cult was founded in pre-Bronze Age Phrygia, Anatolian Attributes:  Cybele a Virgin, Fertility Goddess, Gaia.     

The Greek association is with the goddess Rhea because she is the Mother of All:  gods, goddesses, mankind, and nature, too.   She is accompanied by lions often.   

The Roman associations are with Ceres the Kind Goddess of Agriculture, Grain and Motherly Love Relationships and Maia the Mother of Hermes creator of the flute for Apollo.

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