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Art Deco Flower Mesh Handbag, 1929, Mandalian Mfg. Co Mint Green, Orange, Black, Blue-Green, 4" Wide, 8.5" Long

The Mandalian Mfg. Co. produced this enameled mesh handbag with a Lustro mint green pearl background and the rich pearlized enamel colors of orange, blue-green, and black.   The geometric and floral patterns appear decorated on both sides using pearlized enamel colors on silver-tone base metal armor mesh.    The 4” wide X  8 1/2” long handbag features an ornate foliate embossed open purse frame with a 12 ½” inches long link chain handle.    Beautifully finishing off the Art Deco handbag is a zig zag shaped bottom with fine metal chain fringe.

The handbag is in very good condition, the chain fringe, the mesh enamel purse is intact, no restoration needed, and there is no silk lining inside handbag.

Similar handbags were featured in the September 1929 Issue of The Keystone Magazine.   I included a copy of a 1929 full page advertisement The Mandalian Mfg. Co., and this is some of the text, "A Lustro Pearl Bag for Every Occasion, Oxidized top, with-out lining, Lustro pearl, medium fine mesh, 4 X 8 inches, Chip resistance, No. 303, $15.00 each.   The Mandalian Manufacturing Company was founded by Turkish emigrant, Shatiel Mandalian in 1898 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.”   Thanks to Roseann Ettinger the author of Handbags, for her intensive research and her excellent book.

This vintage handbag from the early 1900's is from a prominent New Orleanian family estate.   It is one of 8 handbags from this collection.    In addition, it is packaged in a Mon Coeur Fine Jewelry new black jewelry box and white and gold, Fleur de Lis tissue paper wrap.

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